Ibex Oil Exploration Services Ltd is a new concept in international rig moves; a unique one-stop shop who will manage moving your equipment from first planning to final delivery.

Our  team of professional rig movers are specialist oil and logistics personnel who know their business. We keep our client and all key contractors fully informed at all stages of the process, meaning your move is handled effectively, safely and in the quickest time possible. Ibex provides a complete turnkey operation – taking on the rig as soon as you finish your last well or from where the rig is standing, through to delivery on location wherever you require.

Click here for our complete turnkey service (drill rig and associated project cargo international delivery).

If you already have some services in place, such as a freight forwarding company to move the rig and don’t require a full turnkey operation, we offer a consultancy service.  Through our consultancy division we can advise you on ports and shipping, local contractors, local equipment suppliers, laws and regulations surrounding the transport of out of gauge and heavy loads on rail and road, and introductions to local government officials. We can advise you on barging methods, helicopter operations, trucking methods and equipment needed for any type of terrain. We give you as much or as little consultation as you need.

Click here for our consultancy service (drill rig and associated project cargoes international delivery).