montageIbex Oil Exploration Services

Ibex is a new concept in international rig moves, specialising in the delivery of rotary land rigs, drilling, casing and chemical supplies. We are a unique one-stop shop who will manage moving your equipment from first planning to final delivery.

International delivery of a 2000 hp rotary land rig, drilling camp and casing can cost the equivalent of a 90 day well in day rate terms. We can reduce that cost by increased efficiency. By ensuring that all stages of the mobilisation are managed by one team of professional international rig move hands we make certain that there are no delays in the logistics chain. We use the right equipment for the right purpose. We talk the right language to the right people.

Ibex specialises in delivery to areas of the world where port and transport infrastructure is minimal or non-existent. We engineer innovative solutions where access is apparently impossible, and have delivered drilling rigs safely and efficiently in desert, swamp, mountains and offshore. We deliver your rig anywhere in the world in the safest and most timely manner possible.